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Want to read of another collision?  Before you read it, I need to set the scene.  During the summer break after their junior year at college, Keli has just about decided she's in love with Lincoln.  When Lincoln's father dies, Keli decides to drive to Chicago from her home in Madison to support Lincoln and his sister Paige.  After the funeral there is a reception for mourners in the church.  Keli has never met Lincoln and Paige's mother. She has been warned, however that their mother can be extremely dominating.  This excerpt is from Chapter 13.

       Paige preformed the introduction, “Mother I’d like you to meet Keli Holloway.  She’s the Denison girl who I stayed with when I went to visit.  Keli this is our Mother.”
       The woman glared at Keli. Then she turned and snapped an order to Paige.  “Get me a coffee Paige; I have just enough time to drink one before I have to stand in that damn reception line.”
        To Keli’s shock and dismay Mrs. Comstock grabbed her arm rather roughly. “Come this way please.  I want to talk with you in private.”
        She half dragged Keli into a small Sunday school classroom.  Releasing her arm, she turned and shut the door. Her eyes bored into Keli as she began.
        “So you are Keli. One look at your shapely figure and I can see why my son’s attracted to you.  Well, don’t get your hopes up young woman. Just because he likes your body doesn’t mean he’s in love with you.  It will take more than a sexy body for a Wisconsin farm girl to win my Lincoln.”
        “Farm girl?”
    Mrs. Comstock ignored Keli’s question.  She took Keli’s chin in her hand looking directly into her face. “You’re not very pretty are you?  No, your face is too narrow. And those bangs.  Why ever do you think that’s flattering?”
         By this time Keli was in a total state of shock.  She just stood there stunned. Never in her life had anyone ever been so rude or unkind.
         “Perhaps Lincoln told you, I’m a woman who speaks my mind.  So here it is:  You’ll be a lot happier if you keep away from Lincoln.  He is involved, seriously involved, with Louisa Van Holland, the daughter of my business partner. Naturally I feel strongly that Louisa will be a much better match for Lincoln than a Wisconsin farm girl.  So where does that leave you, Miss Keli?  Exactly nowhere.  Trust me young woman, I always get what I want. If you fight for Lincoln, you’ll be fighting me. Which means you lose. Have I made myself perfectly clear?”