Mystery Daughter

When Laurie meets Brad in her first year of college, she senses he can be a very special person.  Because her family is wealthy, Laurie decides to become the Mystery Daughter.  She will tell Brad nothing about herself, even her last name, until they have been dating for three months.  Laurie wants her dominating father to know that Brad fell for her, not for his money.

In spite of Laurie’s efforts, father and daughter have a severe clash over Brad.  Hurt and angry, Laurie develops a plan to gain control of the family corporation.  Has the Mystery Daughter enough courage to confront her domineering father in a boardroom fight?

A heartwarming love story.

This is the story of Peggy Waldren whose husband was killed in a car accident the day before the story begins.  Peggy is left with an eight year old son, not much money and a broken heart. 

This stirring novel describes how she deals with her grief, gets a job, avoids a lecherous boss and eventually finds a second love.

Collision Course

Two college freshman, Keli and Lincoln, argue in class.  They have a minor war for two years. 

Finally, Lincoln persuades Keli of his love for her. She admits she loves him.  Then Keli meets The Dragon Lady, a potential mother-in-law from hell. 

​Can Lincoln surmount this obstacle?

Fired Angels

​Three young women start a charter school in East Lansing Michigan. They incur the wrath of the Detroit based Teachers Union, who are very adept at throwing obstacles in their path.

Eventually, the community rallies to support the school. In the midst of the struggle, each of the women discover their true love.